Apple II reference and code repositories

Here are some interesting resources if you want to code in assembler on Apple II.
This is absolutely not a complete list, your favorite search engine should give you a lot of results, but those are the websites that helped me the most.
Also, for generic 6502 algorithms, have a look at what the C64 scene can offer you!

Update 21/06/2019: added NMOS 65xx/85xx instruction set, Understanding the Apple IIe
Update 08/06/2019: added cc65 and Visual Studio Code

Generic 6502 and 65C02 reference


  • WUSDN IDE – Eclipse 6502 plugin that integrates assemblers, emulators and disk tools
  • Visual Studio Code – C64 extensions add support for 6502 syntax coloring
  • acme cross-assembler – 6502 cross-assembler that can generate A2 binaries
  • cc65 cross-assembler – 6502 cross-development full package
  • AppleCommander – A2 disk image utility (creation/modification)
  • GrafX2 – Paint tool (Win/Mac/Linux), v2.6 supports RGB HGR and DHGR
  • ADTPro – PC/Mac <-> A2 fast disk transfer tool through a null modem cable
  • Bmp2DHR – BMP <-> DHGR/DLGR converter for NTSC Apple II

Technical reference

Code repositories

Modern hardware upgrades for Apple II

  • VidHD – Call-A.P.P.L.E.’s incredible HDMI card for Apple II
  • Floppy Emu – BMOW’s floppy disk emulator for Apple II / Lisa / Mac. Can also act as a ProDOS hard drive if your Apple II has a smartport firmware.
  • a2heaven – Many upgrades, you can get the Mega audio soundcard there (emulates every audio soundcard available for the A2).
  • – Ian Kim’s website, home to the Mockingboard 4c for Apple IIc. He sells it on eBay when a batch is available.
  • How to fix Apple Joystick’s buttons – Instead of buying another one 🙂
  • Open Source Scan Converter – Converts analog RGB to HDMI, it works very well with Le Chat Mauve RGB cards and adapters.

Apple IIgs

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