Apple II

Fast YM file format

The FYM tools are now available on GitHub (source code + binaries). v05 released on 17/05/2020! When I started to work on Latecomer, the first problem I tried to solve was getting a music. Fortunately, Grouik/FT did some amazing work back in 2015 by taking Atari ST songs and replaying them on the Mockingboard. That’s …

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Le Chat Mauve sur Apple II

[update 05/06/2022: Correction du support Double LoRes sur EVE][update 12/08/2020: Suppression de la mention du charset programmable sur la EVE, qui est en fait une couche software en HGR][update 20/02/2020: Correction du support de modes de la Féline et adaptateur IIc] Dans ma quête d’informations sur les Apple II, une marque de cartes d’extension revient …

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Latecomer is my first real 8-bits production:A demo for Apple IIe/IIc released at Revision 2019. Because anything can be a demo platform.And the Apple II, which was originally released in 1977, can do amazing things. If you don’t know what the demoscene is about, check this Wikipedia article. The demoscene reference sites have pages for …

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