Latecomer is my first real 8-bits production:
A demo for Apple IIe/IIc released at Revision 2019.

Because anything can be a demo platform.
And the Apple II, which was originally released in 1977, can do amazing things.

If you don’t know what the demoscene is about, check this Wikipedia article.

The demoscene reference sites have pages for Latecomer: Demozoo and Pouet.

Update 28/04/2022: Now compatible with 6502 Apple IIe 🙂

Table des matières

Final version

The Final version has been released! Get it now >> Download 🙂

More compatibility, more polished effects, more many things.
Unless a bug makes some Apple II physically explode, it’s really really final.

The source code is released under GPLv3 on GitHub.

Watch it now if you don’t have an Apple II (poor you):

Party version

This is the version that I released at Revision 2019.
1/3rd of the demo was made in less than 24h so there’s a lot of bugs.

Get Latecomer (party version) for Apple II on
The archive includes the source code.