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Bridgy Fed

Bridgy Fed is a bridge between Bluesky and the Fediverse (Mastodon, Misskey, Pleroma, Peertube etc) that allows people to follow a Bluesky account from the Fediverse and a Fediverse account from Bluesky. Resources: Since the documentation is really hard to read and to understand, I put there the minimum stuff to know to use and …

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How to leave X

Where we talk about the possibility and means of leaving or reducing your X (formerly Twitter) footprint. Should you leave X? Can we leave X? How to leave X? These questions must be on a lot of people’s minds, and maybe yours, so I’m going to give you my point of view, the alternatives that …

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Quitter X

Où l’on parle de la possibilité et des moyens de quitter ou réduire son empreinte X (anciennement Twitter). Faut-il quitter X ? Peut-on quitter X ? Comment quitter X ? Ces questions doivent revenir assez souvent dans l’esprit de pas mal de personnes, et peut-être vous, donc je vais vous donner mon point de vue, …

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