I’m making a note here: « HUGE SUCCESS »

As planned, demoscene.tv put the international (ie Enlish) version of the report online. They also added it on pouet.net, which was quite… unexpected. I didn’t think about this report being referenced there, even if it’s logical. But it’s surprising to say the least, to enter the demoscene this way. Or, I must say, to come back to the demoscene. Yes… I have another (old) production (and a real demo) on Pouet. ^^

Nolife & demoscene.tv Breakpoint 2008 report

So far there’s been only very positive feedback about this report. A million thanks to demoscene.tv’s staff (Stéphanie & Emmanuel) who did fantastic interviews of people like Skrebbel/Matt Current, Gargaj/Conspiracy, XXX and Navis/ASD, introduced us to many wonderful people and helped us shooting around at the party. They also did the English translation of all the French commentaries and interviews.

Some people noticed that this report end up being not only a report about the Breakpoint 2008, but also a documentary about the demoscene. That was actually planned, because there’s a lot of people still sincerely asking me to explain what is a demo. Hopefully this report answered this question, at least partially, and we know that many people watched it when it was aired (and when it is rerun) on Nolife. Still, I have a lot of unused footage. I already used an interview of Bonzaj to introduce the PS3 demo : « Linger in Shadows » in a recent issue of Temps Réel. I hope to use more footage in the near future, and I guess that demoscene.tv will use all of it as well sooner of later, so watch for their next reports.

Of course thanks to everyone that took the time to answer our questions, thank you all demosceners for all your great prods, thank you Cocoon for taking time to explain your tools, thanks to every people interviewed but not kept in the final edit (hello Kaneel ^^) and huge greets to the Breakpoint 2008 organization staff. I look forward to come back next year with more time to have drinks with everyone, to attend more demoparties and to work again with Bunny and tsr of demoscene.tv. I still can’t believe I could *at last* talk a bit with people that did prods I’ve been watching for 17+ years without being able to travel to demoparties abroad. Patience really is a virtue…

* *

Last month was quite hard because I also finished another report, this time on a completely different topic : Cosplay.

The World Cosplay Summit 2007 took place in Nagoya, Japan, on early August, 2007 and I was sent there to cover this event, which was a lot more epic than expected. I ended up shooting for days without knowing what would be best to show once back to France… This report was postponed many times but I succeded in doing it only two weeks after the Breakpoint 08 report, thanks to DamDam and Isabelle (the couple of French cosplayers who won this world summit) who kindly agreed to make a long interview to explain what happened to them. It’s 47mn long and won’t be posted on the net, but there were also a bunch of very positive feedbacks from both cosplayers and non-cosplayers – a lot more feedback than for the BP08 report actually -, and I still receive some from people I didn’t even expect to be interested in that kind of activity.

Working in the video production for 8 years as an editer and technician, I honestly didn’t think I was able to make that kind of reports before, including shootings – this could be a very physical activity, which I’m not very fitted for. But editing is too, espescially when you edit non-stop during 4 days & nights (that was the case with both of them because I had a hard drive failure, see previous posts). Now that I took a rest, I don’t wonder anymore if I’m going to continue doing this if I have the opportunity to: it knocked me out for days, but the feeling of having done something that interest people is quite exciting… and to think about making something better the next time, and meeting new people also is exciting. I can’t help thinking these years working for Nolife might be the best of my life.