15-08-2014 Gallery now closed (sorry), only the thumbnails remain. Removed the links page as well which went unchanged for 10 years :)
10-17-2004 Updated the link page (removed dead links and added new ones). Mocha
01-13-2002 Looks like I don't update so often now. Sorry, I've got a lot of books I could scan and add to the gallery (old & rare books, even one that's so big it doesn't fit on my scanner) but I also don't have so much free time. Anyway the site is back up, thanks to Multimania which deleted my account a few months ago.

01-11-2000 New pictures! I'mnot kidding! Find them on page 6 of the gallery.
I fixed all the links, removed the dead ones and added some. But there's bigger link lists on other sites so don't forget to check them. I scanned a few nice pics from old magazines last days. I'll try to add them before year 2001... ^_^

03-21-1999 Added a new link. This time it's a French site (the second one !).
03-13-1999 ONE YEAR since the last update! I just can't believe it. Please forgive me... I only updated all the links. Still hope I'll get some more time to work on this site.
02-22-1998 All illustrations from "Minky Momo Maniacs" CD-ROMs by Watanabe Hiroshi are now on-line in the gallery (32 pics). This may be the last main update before July.
02-02-1998 Eight new pictures entered the gallery ! Also, there are a few HTML and JavaScript enhancements to support Explorer. Now Netscape Navigator 4 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 is required to view these pages.
12-22-1997 Changed the Latin-1 declaration in the headers into ISO-8859-1 and I added some robot tags to prevent excessive indexation by search engines.
I will update the gallery in a few days... However, I'm going to run out of space so some pictures may be removed in a few weeks.
12-01-1997 Added 8 pics to the gallery. These come from the "Minky Momo Maniacs" CD-ROM series. And now, all the gallery thumbnails link to html pages instead of JPGs. I know this is less convenient to pick-up all the pics, but this is not my objective here (and you can get very good web-retrievers in order to do this). Last but not least, I changed the date format in this page into US format (MM-DD-YYYY).
I'll try to add more pics the next time...
09-17-1997 We sell a broken ZIP drive... Thanks to Iomega for its megamighty drive.
I filled the gallery with 16 pics. 8 are scans from me and 8 are extracted from Minky Momo's CD-Roms. All is ready, now I have to upload. upload. upload. upload. upload. upload.
08-24-1997 Added automatic charset swap in all pages (Latin1/S-jis) and tried to make some scans at Bio's home (another Gugu'z member). Unfortunately, his ZIP drive falled into hyperspace...
08-23-1997 Added new links and some pics of the main characters. The main logo is made, at last.
08-20-1997 Adding some links and all the title pics.
08-18-1997 New optimized JavaScript code, thanks to FractalDesign (unfortunately, I don't have any documentation on JavaScript syntax so I have to pick-up some routs on other pages).
08-15-1997 I'm seriously beginning to write these pages as I'm getting bored at the Place to Be 5 (a French coding-party).